Ideals and fame

Images evoking artists' desire of fame and posterity, their aspirations, the status they sought after for themselves and their activities. Some works display an exceptional technical quality, those from the burin of Hendrick Goltzius, Aegidius Sadeler and Jan Müller are fine examples. Sadeler's Portrait of Bartholomeus Spranger and his wife and Müller's Apotheosis of the Arts are two peak masterworks of mannerist engraving.

Nowhere like in Italy did the desire for fame and posterity, as well as the historical and theoretical demand, spurr the wills of the artists. Two of those who lived in the XVII century with such ambitions are Pietro Testa and Salvator Rosa.  Il Liceo della Pittura or  The Genious of Salvator Rosa, are works that represent well their ambitions. An artist's fame is not independent with that of his patrons and sponsors, so it must not surprise us if the latter are often object of praising notes and images, as is the case of  Robert Nanteuil and Gilles Roussellet's splendid engraved decoration on a XVIIth century doctoral thesis. A crayon manner engraving printed in sanguine by Francesco Bartolozzi, in which we see Art defending itself from the destructive attack of Time, is another beautiful image we know of thanks to the work of an artist upon a copper plate.