Collecting and market

Images depicting collectors and collections – mainly those of paintings, sculpture and engravings – and the correspondent art market, with its art dealers, connoiseurs and sales strategies – evoking how pieces were collected and arranged in palaces, galleries and sitting rooms as well as the relationship to the collector. In this section can also be found a number of engravings from François Girardon's imaginary gallery of sculptures, specially interesting if one takes into account Girardon was Louis XIV's sculptor and, by the late 1600's, owner of France's most important collection second only to the king's. From the XVIII century onwards, peaking art dealers and connoisseurs, as well as the first establishments oriented towards art sales and auctions, are represented in a variety of English and French engravings. Evoking that world we find images from the first French published auction catalogues,  english mezzotints depicting connoisseurs and aquatints recreating James Christie's auctions, or from Rudolf Ackermann's  Repository of the Arts. An extraordinary and amazing victorian engraving by the hand of James Scott that combines art as a business with philanthropy closes the set.