Titled as La imatge de l’artista. Gravats antics sobre el món de l’art  (The Image of the Artist. Antique Prints on the Art World), this exhibition consisted of eighty pieces and was open from May 23rd to July 12th 2008 at Girona's Fontana d'Or.


A set of twentyfour pieces related to the work of the artist in studios and academies was exhibit under the title of  Mirant el model. Gravats antics sobre el treball de l’artista (Looking at the Model. Antique Prints about the Artist Work), at Barcelona's Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, from April 1st to May 17th 2009.


L’art del gravat antic. Obres de la col·lecció Furió, is the title of the exhibition that took place in the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona from 15 January to 20 February 2015. The exhibition brought together a selection of forty prints from the Furió Collection, works made by the great masters of the history of printmaking, as Dürer, Goltzius, Sadeler, Mellan, Ribera, Rembrandt, Van Ostade, Tiepolo, Piranesi and Goya, among others.


La imatge de l’artista. Gravats antics sobre el món de l’art. Exhibition presented at the Centre Cultural El Casino de Manresa from August 25 to October 30, 2016.


El arte del grabado antiguo. Obras de la Colección Furió. Exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville from March 31 to June 18, 2017